The trend for all sorts of gloves in 2021 has reached its peak: the more unusual, the cooler. Among those, mesh gloves with embroidery imitating hand tattoos stand out in particular

Tattoo gloves can become both a complement to the classic image, and an indispensable accent in the supertrendy "active" look:
What to wear those with? If you have a white blouse/shirt in your closet, then gloves with fancy embroidery will be the compositional center of the whole image, attracting eyes and creating a festive mood.
Gloves occupy a special place in luxurious evening looks: both with flying
and strict silhouette dresses:
Feathers, corsets, couture trouser suits - the case when it is simply impossible to be overdressed :)
Tattoo gloves perfectly dilute any strict monochrome image,
as well as classic plaid suits
and goose-foot print.
The special chic of summer 2021 are neon tattoo gloves: yellow, orange, green, fuchsia. They can enhance the same bright crazy image or, conversely, add spice to a classic suit.
Separately we want to say about trench coats of the most unexpected colors and materials with which the tattoo gloves form a feminine and incredibly stylish ensemble:
Since we started talking about trench coats, let's add that our leather gloves are just indispensable in the demi-season: a raincoat and a leather jacket will perfectly complement the fall look and will not let your hands get cold.
A few words about AMAVI gloves and let's wrap it up. The wedding look is limited only by your imagination. It can be: a laconic pantsuit, a delicate lace dress, a fedora, a diamond tiara.
The main point: the gloves are the mood. Whether it's a cigarette in monochrome at a table in a Parisian cafe on a spring morning, waiting for a cup of espresso
or tea with honey in the company of Imperial porcelain and Brodsky in the lobby of the Astoria in St. Petersburg, this accessory will be a reflection of your emotions, inner state, enjoyment of the moment.
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