How do I determine my mesh glove size?
  • Single glove size - S, the length of the middle finger - 8 cm without stretching.
  • If the length of the middle finger is much shorter or longer, we tailor a size XS or M.
  • You can place a special order by sending a request to love@glove.me.
Is there a warranty on the gloves?
Warranty on gloves and embroidery - 1 month. If you find a defect, you can exchange the pair for a new one.
How durable are the gloves, do they tear when you wear them?
The gloves are made of Italian mesh, which is used in sewing costumes in figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics. So yes, they are durable.
Can I use gloves on a touch screen?
You can use a touchscreen phone with gloves on as long as the stitching does not get on the screen.
How do I take care of my gloves?
Gloves can be washed by hand in cold soapy water no more than once a month, dry flat, not reversed. To give your gloves a fresh look, you can steam them.
Is it possible to order a custom design of mesh gloves?
You can order gloves with individual design by sending us an email to love@glove.me or sending us a direct message on Instagram. The cost of such a pair - 16 900 rubles, production time - 1 month.
Do gloves protect against viruses?
Our gloves are purely aesthetic in nature.
Are there certificates available for sale?
Yes! You can purchase an e-certificate for any amount. To order, please send us an email to love@glove.me.
Do you deliver to other cities and countries?
Of course. Delivery to other cities is carried out by CDEK on 100% prepayment, delivery to other countries is carried out by TK EMS also on 100% prepayment.
Within Moscow, you can pay for your order upon receipt.
Exchanges and returns
You may cancel your order at any time before or within seven (7) days after receiving it from the online store. If you made a purchase in our showroom on Kolobovskogo, the return can be made within 14 days.

It is not possible to return used items.

Returning to the showroom
  1. Contact the GLOVE.ME showroom with a check and passport
  2. After the refund is approved, we will refund the money using your original method of payment
Returns of Internet orders
  1. Contact your manager by phone and tell him about the return
  2. Send the goods via TK CDEK to the door to the address:
  3. Moscow, 16, 1st Kolobovsky Lane, building 2, GLOVE.ME store. +7 (965) 442-37-20.
  4. Once the refund is approved, we will refund the money using your original method of payment.