Roly-poly MARTA Blue Eyes.

Hand-painted ceramic roly-poly figurine with blue eyes from St. Petersburg brand Asiknova.ceramic with the original design based on the tattoo gloves "True love" from

The product is handmade from ceramic masses, the composition of which is given great attention. Roly-poly is covered with glaze, which, when fired, forms a glossy and durable coating. It takes up to two weeks to create each roly-poly, which includes manufacturing, careful drying and painting, and kiln firing.

Roly-poly will be a bright and unusual decoration for any interior. It's eco-friendly. The originality and uniqueness of each product is confirmed by a certificate with a unique number.

The height of the roly-poly is 20 cm, packed in an individual wooden box with embossing and filler.

For care, it is recommended to wipe the product with a dry cloth.
Ceramic products are not toys.
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