Love Sex Magic candles

The colorful scented candles for your home.

– Tropical Jumanji
– The smell of childhood and gum Love is...
– Sunny Duchesse
– Refreshing Aperol Spritz

The price is for one candle in any color.

Candles are made from eco-friendly vegetable waxes, natural essential oils and perfume components from Provence, France. Unlike paraffin, natural wax does not leave stains and is easy to clean. The low melting point of the wax allows candles to burn slower - 3-4 times longer than paraffin candles. They gently give off a fragrance, smoothly filling the space, without harsh odors or chemicals.

Candles from GLOVE.ME will be a stylish and colorful decoration of your interior, fill it with fresh and invigorating scents that are sure to cheer you up.

LOVE, SEX, MAGIC to all! :)

Burning time: 45-60 hours.
Volume: 225 ml.

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