GLOVE.ME is the first and most famous Russian brand of tattoo gloves with designer embroidery, founded in 2018. Its creators are a married couple: Maxim Yurin and Anastasia Sergeyeva.

We are passionate about accessories and humor about life and ourselves. Therefore, thematic embroidery designs, developed in conjunction with Russian and foreign artists-illustrators, ironically play on modern trends and fads.

Production is located in Moscow, which we are very happy about, because it allows us to control all the processes more carefully.

You can buy tattoo gloves in our boutique and on the website, in the conceptual department store "Tsvetnoy", GUM, showroom 22.13GIFT, beauty salons Aldo Coppola and Kynsi, Ozon, Lamoda, Yandex Market marketplaces and even in New York in the Flying Solo showroom.
Developing a creative idea
selection of references, creation of a technical drawing
Creating a design
drawing sketch by the illustrator, approval of the layout for embroidery
Creating an embroidery program
technical program for the embroidery machine, trial embroidery on the layout fabric, making adjustments and embroidery on the grid, manual processing of stitches, approval of the final version of the program
Sewing a signal pattern
hand cutting, sewing, molding and passing double quality control of the finished product
Planning and batch production
based on sales analytics and current runoff
Maxim Yurin
Co-owner, CEO of the brand
Technical equipment, marketing, development strategy
Anastasia Sergeyeva
Co-owner, creative director of the brand
Design, Collaborations, Creative Strategy, Media Coverage
Daria Ustinova
Brand manager
Operational activities of the company, working with suppliers and partners
Yaroslava Slyshchenko
Senior Brand Manager
Communication with customers, order processing, quality control and work with production
Anna Yarmolyuk
SMM brand manager
Maintaining the brand's social networks and producing shoots
Alexei Datsko
Brand Courier
Delivery of orders and running errands
Glove.me brand is open for cooperation
You can send your request to
or contact our manager
Daria Ustinova:
+7 909 014-30-55